Our product line is divided into the following ranges:

  • Textiles, inks and paper for direct sublimation, thermo transfer, solvent, UV and latex printing;
  • Knitted and woven fabrics for apparel and sportswear;
  • Household and curtain textiles;
  • Sublimation and solvent Mimaki, Roland printing machines and spare parts.


Media for printing

  • For our clients’ convenience we have worked out quite a new offer for the Russian market: all sublimation media can be bought in one place. We offer various polyester fabrics (from handkerchiefs to large-format cloth) for any type of printing, as well as related consumables – paper and inks. The convenience and economic benefits of purchasing all components in one place are highly appreciated by our regular customers.
  • We deeply explore the innovations of the world’s leading fabrics manufactures and find the best ideas for our clients. Excellent quality and reasonable prices are always the top priority factors when choosing a supplier. That is how we managed to form a business relationship with lots of textile printing houses and to become the leading company in the field.
  • Our catalogue contains numerous fabrics samples for printing in optical white color - from the most popular and well-known items, such as taffeta fabrics, poplin, oxford, blackout, to the most prospective novelties of the textile industry – different kerchief fabrics of excellent quality, chiffons, atlas and many others.

Fabrics for sportswear

  • The large variety of polyester and blended fabrics is highly demanded by the producers of sportswear. This group of products is featured by a wide line of textures and colors, as well as by all essential characteristics of sports clothes. Producers of sports T-shirts, shorts and accessories for sportsmen will discover fabrics made in compliance with hygienic, esthetic and ergonomic requirements for this class of garments and according to the latest technologies.
  • Our knitted fabrics are presented by a large variety of warp and weft knitted fabrics in different weights and colors, such as: tricot mesh, interlock, eyelet, pique, tricot brushed, jersey and others.

Household textiles and bed lining

  • Design-studios and curtain producers have shown great interest towards our items for modern interiors decoration and drape fabrics.
  • The product line includes a wide range of fire retardant, wear-resistant, durable and hypoallergenic fabrics – starting from light, transparent, almost invisible fabrics as voile and organza to heavy, dense, absolutely lightproof items like blackout and satin fabrics.

Sublimation and solvent Mimaki, Roland and Epson printing machines and spare parts

  • We have a great interest towards purchasing pre-owned Mimaki, Rolland and Epson printing machines, both for sublimation and solvent printing, as well as original and non-original spare parts for these plotters. That is why we will consider thoroughly your offers for new and used plotters and spare parts to them.






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